Friday, June 29, 2007


Your home, the space in which you live, should be a place where you can rest yourself. As I mentioned in the "Introduction" post, medical school is demanding and draining. The last thing you need while attending medical school is a stressful living environment. After a long day of sitting in a darkened lecture hall, digging through fat on your cadaver and studying until your eyes start to cross, you want to go home to a place that is calming and rises up to meet you. You should be able to sleep well and feel renewed in the morning when you walk out the door.

Having said that, the exterior, your home, will match your interior. As exam time approaches, dishes will pile up in the sink, laundry will pile up on the closet floor, and books and papers will manage to cover every square foot of the apartment. At least that is what happens to me. After the exam, I will usually take a day off to get things (my apartment, my self) back to "normal."

I am fortunate to have found a great deal through a former co-worker. I live close to school in a one-bedroom apartment that has a stacked washer-dryer in the unit (a luxury). I was able to furnish the apartment with a couple of hand-me-downs as well as numerous items from the incomparable IKEA. On the walls I have framed art (very adult-like) and have scattered framed photographs of family and friends throughout the apartment. I am no Nate Berkus, but I think I did a good job given my medical student budget.


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