Thursday, August 9, 2007


Wheeled backpacks? Wheeled carry-on luggage? Has this new sedentary lifestyle caused your muscles to atrophy that much? Seriously.

During medical school (at least the first two years) you are going to use some rather large textbooks. For example, first year you have Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy and Moore and Dalley's Clinically Oriented Anatomy. Second year revolves around the hefty Robbins and Contran's Pathologic Basis of Disease. They are relatively heavy books, weighing in around 6 to 8 pounds. However, do they necessitate the use of a wheeled backpack or carry-on luggage?

Wheeled backpacks and carry-on luggage seem to be taking over the rows and aisles in the lecture hall this year. I spotted a couple last year, but they have made a strong showing this year. Some may argue that they use more than one book and combined with the weight from a laptop, it is too much to carry around on your back all day. Well, how about using the locker that is provided to you? I mean, do you really even use your books while you are at school? My sense is that most people study at home, so why not just leave your books there? All you need during lecture is your laptop -- maybe a BRS or High-Yield review book. If you need to quickly look something up, use the Internet. Why carry around extra weight for no reason?

And let's not forget the aesthetics of the matter (oh so important). I'm sorry, but these bags are not aesthetically pleasing. Why not use a cute tote or sleek messenger bag or traditional backpack? If you are so concerned about developing an abnormal curvature of your spine, switch shoulders every now and then to balance things out.

I just don't get it. Maybe you can help me understand this new wheelie-bag phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

I found this post after looking for a good rolling backpack for school.. After toting a backpack in undergrad all the time, I ended up with 12 pinched nerves from the weight it put on my back and even began to curve my neck backwards. My doctor said to get a rolling backpack to stop straining my back. So I can hope you now understand why some people need a rolling backpack. Hopefully you are done with your studies and could come to this conclusion on your own by then.

Roller Backpacks For School said...

During medical school (at least the first two years) you are going to use ...