Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Excuse me, everyone!" The lecture hall quieted down. "I have a quick announcement: There is a virus being passed around amongst the class, so please be careful."


"That's nasty!"

"What kind of virus, and who's spreading it?"

"How is it being spread?"

"Is it safe to be in here?"

"Oh, I bet it's X. Didn't you see the outbreak he had on his lip the other day." (Gross. Seriously.)

"No, no, no. . . I'm sorry, everyone! Please quiet down. I should have been more specific: A computer virus is being passed around through our flash drives as we share files with each other."

Collective "Ooohhh. . ." and laughter.

But, seriously, some of us need to get our heads out of the gutter and into our books!

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