Thursday, November 15, 2007


Everyone enjoys having their hard work acknowledged. It boosts morale. That's why I think an honor and awards ceremony, like the one held by my school this week, is so important.

As medical students, we live crazy, often unhealthy, lives. It's a life full of sacrifices and one that you have to go through to truly understand and appreciate. With all the time spent in lecture and lab and small group discussions, not to mention the countless hours spent studying, it's easy to lose sight of where you're going. After listening to two distinguished speakers who have been where I am now, however, I feel reinvigorated. I can once again see where my hard work could lead if I just keep at it.

Although the ceremony ran long, as these types of events tend to do, I was pleasantly surprised by how inspirational it was. My class all but swept the awards. Watching the top 5 or so students in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years go up for their awards made me want to work harder so that I too could receive one of the big awards (cash prizes are nice, y'all) before I graduate. I guess it was the spark I needed to get my competitive side burning again.

Being surrounded by these amazing physicians and future physicians me realize how much I can and already have accomplished. After all, we made it to medical school and are still here. (And, I was presented with an award (sans cash, but nice plaque) in recognition of my work over the summer. ) As one of the presenters said, "You all get so blinded by the workload and exams and sleepless nights that you can't see how high you're already flying."

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