Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dr. F

Fetching. There isn't another professor that captures more interest than Dr. F. When he's scheduled to lecture, we all show up to listen. . . and stare.

Everyone's had their own private love affair with Dr. F at some point during the first year and a half of medical school. For some of us, that love affair has never ended. I mean, the man commands attention by simply walking into a room. For starters, the man is Fine: tall, handsome face, great smile, and fit. No one makes a long white coat look better. (Yet.)

Once you get past Dr. F's mesmerizing beauty, you realize that there's substance to match. There is just something special about someone who can engage you in a subject and lead you through a concept in a clear, logical manner. His lectures and PowerPoint presentations match or, dare I say, exceed those of Dr. A, oftentimes clarifying concepts taught poorly by other professors. He is the king of physical diagnosis, providing us with tips on how to discriminate between, say, ehrlichiosis and RMSF. And, he holds comprehensive reviews to make sure we are retaining the information he presents.

Essentially, Dr. F is our dream instructor. Our very own McDreamy, if you will.

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