Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dating II

Now that fall has firmly established itself and the temperatures are consistently low, my classmates are quickly pairing up like tubulin subunits. (Wow. Did I just write that? Well, can't stop now.) I think that classmates are looking for that special someone to snuggle up with during these cold fall and winter nights. You can see these alpha-beta dimers all lined up in a row in the center of the lecture hall -- a microtubule of sorts, lectures and whispers being passed from one end of the row to the other.

It seems these intra-class daters have formed their own little club, some of them even vacationing together this upcoming holiday weekend. They are having fun together, and I wish I could join in the fun.

Dating within the class is working for a healthy number of classmates. The more I think about it, the more sense it seems to make: (1) you have the same examination schedule, (2) you understand the pressures, stresses, etc., (3) you can spend a lot of time together, even if it's spent in class and/or studying.

But what if things go wrong? That question always comes up, right?

Well, I don't know. However, class attendance has dropped precipitously, with attendance being high only for Dr. A-type professors. Therefore, if things don't work out for our intra-class daters, chances are they'll only see each other on exam days and maybe the occasional lecture. Furthermore, now that one of our exams each unit is a customized NBME exam, you really can teach yourself by reading Robbins, studying board review books, and doing practice questions through prep sites such as USMLE World.

I want to be paired up too, but I think there's a mutation at one of my dimer binding sites.


Chris said...

If you tell your female classmates their smile makes you autophosphorylate on Try AND Ser/Thr residues, that you don't mind using a GEF to translocate inside the nuclear envelope, and you don't mind enacting a little p53 activity to slow down uncontrolled proliferation, I'd say your chances of dimerization are higher!

DC Med Student said...


Ya nasty! But, that was good.

dack said...

hahaha... nerd talks... LOL. but i like your blog... very medical, i am also a medical student but iont talk in my blog like this. hahaha... kudos!

DC Med Student said...

Thank you, dack.