Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dr. C

Curses. Did Dr. C really just say what I think she just said?

Her lecture was dry and was running a bit long. We all had started shifting in our seats and many were surfing the Internet and/or chatting over AIM. How were we going to survive another hour of Dr. C?

Our schedule allows for a ten minute break every fifty minutes. Of course, professors often run over their allotted time and trim the break down to five minutes. As students, we don't mind when a great professor eats into our break time. As long as we're learning, we're happy. However, when a dull professor tries to do the same, we attack.

"Excuse me Dr. C," shouts a student from the rear of the lecture hall, "it's time for our ten minute break."

"No, I'm going to continue; I'm almost finished."

"But Dr. C, you have another hour -- Could we please take a 5 minute break?"

I don't think Dr. C heard this last request. All she heard was the grumbling throughout the lecture hall, and she wasn't pleased. This was her response, "Look, if you went to the grocery store and bought a loaf of bread and the cashier only gave you half a loaf, you would say, 'B-I-T-C-H, where's the rest of my bread?'"

We all just looked at each other and started laughing. Was she serious? From the look on her face, she was. We let her continue, and she finished the presentation 10 minutes later.

"Now you can have your damned break! All this break nonsense is a bunch of bovine defecation."

Bovine defecation? LOL! Well, at least she didn't use the S-word.

It turned out that Dr. C didn't know she had two hours and did not have another presentation for us. So, after a few tense moments and some laughs, we enjoyed a damned good one-hour break.

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