Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The second year of medical school is proving to be more difficult than the first for me, so I'm trying anything and everything to boost my grades. Last week, I decided to try something new. I'd been hesitant to do it in the past because it just seemed so wrong. However, the wannabe gunner in me blasted through the hesitation, and, on Tuesday, I started downloading the audio from lectures onto my iPod. Blasphemous, you say? I know! But it had to be done.

Now, I listen to part of a lecture whenever I walk to school, the grocery store, church, wherever. Whenever I'm home, cleaning or cooking, I'm listening to lectures. It's sad. Kinda breaks my heart. But the strategy is working!

On Monday, we had a quiz. I was rather worried because I had taken three days "off" last week, staying at home instead of going to class (I'll tell you why next "Dr. post"). I didn't really look at the PowerPoint presentations much and I'd done very little of the reading. However, I had been listening to the audios. Quiz result: 93. That's a huge improvement over the 67s I was getting on these irritating "pop quizzes." Every point counts, so I'm happy to have started off this new unit on the right foot.

Listen, I know the iPod is suppose to be all about fun, but, with results like that, the listening-to-lectures-on-the-iPod study technique is here to stay.


stinky said...

I tried listening to lecture on my MP3 player too. However, it didn't work for me as I am apparently an awful multi-tasker. Good luck to you though.

DC Med Student said...

Oh no! Sorry that didn't work out for you. It's frustrating trying to find effective study method/s. Some techniques work for some subjects, but not others. However, it's so key to find what works ASAP and to not be afraid to try something new if whatever you're doing isn't working. But, I know, its easier said than done.

Hopefully you've found what works so you'll be prepared to kick butt when you return!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the last exam!

Do you reckon if you listened to them as you slept it might stick too?

I may try it next year...

DC Med Student said...

LOL...Listening to lectures while sleeping -- a total immersion study program. I don't know about that. But, knowing me, the earphones wouldn't stay on very long. I have restless body syndrome. :o)

Doorstop said...

i'm right there with you! i'm a first year, and am stuck in Long Island... land of a million traffic jams... i started recording the lectures to make use of my time stuck in the car behind 50 geriatrics with licenses that should have been confiscated years ago. it really does work!