Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dr. E

Erotic. From the moment she walked onto the stage, you knew that Dr. E was going to have some fun. She was all smiles and had a bounce in her step.

"Good morning, y'all!"

[Students half awake] Good morning.

"How many of you know about spoken-word? . . . Well, I'm a poet -- Oh, you want to hear one of my poems before we begin? OK, we're all adults here, so I can share."

Clearly, Dr. E wanted to share one of her poems with us. And, as soon as we heard the "we're all adults" line, we knew it was going to be good.

Dr. E proceeded to share with us one of her poems. I don't remember the words exactly (and I'm not about to go back to the audio), but she mentioned heat, desire, seduction, biceps, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, a king and a queen -- and I think there was something about crawling on all fours. Dr. E needs some sexual healing -- stat! (Stat. Is that word ever really used?)

The poem was hot! OK, so it really wasn't that hot -- I mean, who wants to know about their professors sexual fantasies? But, she got our attention and gave a good lecture.

And besides, nerds need love too.


Anonymous said...

we have a dirty prof. He has a break in between lectures where he puts up holiday pics of him with random people:

"What happened next?" He asks

Turns out nothing, though he wished it had...


DC Med Student said...

Now that's creepy.