Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, it certainly wasn't a treat.

Not two hours ago, I had two police officers, with guns drawn, at my apartment door asking me to come out with my hands up.

What's your name?

DC Med Student--I'm the tenant in this apartment.

Is there anyone else in there with you?


Were you aware that your door was open?


At this point, my landlord shows up from upstairs and confirms my identity. Apparently, he had heard movement and something drop upstairs when he arrived home from work. He called the police and had them come over to check things out. It doesn't look like anyone was in the house, and there certainly wasn't anyone in my apartment (on the ground floor), though it was kinda weird that my door wasn't locked and fully closed. Needless to say, I haven't been able to fully concentrate on studying since the police were here, but I can't find fault with my landlord's actions.

I live in a neighborhood that is experiencing growing pains from gentrification. And, as has happened in other neighborhoods (and there are many in DC) that have or are going through gentrification, there has been an increase in crime. For example, just last month, the new corner-store across the street which I frequent, was held up at gunpoint -- the two gunmen clearly taking advantage of the fact that this corner-store didn't have bulletproof plexiglass around the counter.

I love my apartment, but lately I've been thinking that it will probably be better to move to a safer area once my lease expires next year. This time, no windows or doors with security bars.

Hope you had a happy and safe Halloween.


Anonymous said...

guns drawn?? isn't that a little overkill? maybe it's just the UK and officers carry mace and batons but is it really necessary to pull a gun on an open door, even if there happened to be an intruder??

stinky said...

holy frijoles

be careful out there!

Starane said...

oh wow.....

DC Med Student said...

It did seem like overkill, but I guess it's because the intruder is likely to have a gun themselves.

And as an update: the corner store now has a sign on the door that reads, "Please knock to be let into the store." inviting...